Meetings with team building or social activities

Are you on the lookout for activities for your meeting?

Skovshoved Hotel’s unique location and surroundings call for all kinds of team building and other social activities with your team. We have several skilled collaborators from local businesses who know just what it takes to make your event pop.

Bike ride with picnic basket, sailing event from Skovshoved Harbour, jump in the sea;  ‘Øresund’ from the jetty, an inspiring speaker or a strategic card game to mention just a few of the activities to enjoy.

Read more below or contact us for a suggestion for your next event.


Hop on a bike and take a ride along the waterfront or through the forest

Combine your bike ride with a picnic basket so that you may enjoy lunch al fresco. At the hotel we have traditional bikes for rental.

We also collaborate with Café Parforce that organises guided bike tours to e.g. “Dyrehaven” (The Deer Park), where you come past all “the pearls” of the park. During the tour, the guide will give an introduction to the history of Dyrehaven and if you have the time, a private tour of the Eremitage castle and a visit to Raadvad Bronze Foundry can be arranged.
Through Café Parforce it is possible to rent electric bikes and sporting bikes like mountain bikes or racing bikes.


Sailing activities with Royal Danish Yachting Club (KDY)

We collaborate with KDY Event Sailing located in Skovshoved Havn.

Go for a nice trip along the coast or an intensive race. As something unique KDY Event Sailing can also offer small groups VIP-sailing with classic and beautiful 12 meter boats – an experience for life!

Give your meeting an energizing boost

Customized sporty (and fun) activities

We collaborate with, amongst others, Running26 who offers customized teambuilding events that doesn’t necessarily demand that you slip into your sports gear and running shoes! You can do everything from walk, skip, run, bike or power train under supervision of a skilled instructor.

GPS Walk
Try the popular “GPS Walk”, where you as a team fight to collect the most points possible by solving a number of tasks together. The teams are followed (possibly via an app), while one or more instructors facilitate small mini-competitions at selected locations in the local area. Competition is held in exercises and activities where communication, strategy and cooperation are the focus.


Relaxed and cosy ride

A horse carriage in the forest, the amazing Deer Park is a relaxed and cosy experience for the team. The beautiful horse carriages hold up to 10 persons. Pick up at Skovshoved Hotel. Spice up your ride with a picnic basket or hot / cold beverages.

Lunch al fresco

Swap your lunch in the restaurant for a picnic basket

Enjoy your lunch as a picnic in one of the forests near by, like The Deer Park, the beach or Charlottenlund Forest. We will pack your picnic basket with all sorts of treats for your outing.


Everybody loves a walk along the waterfront

You never grow weary of leisurely strolls along the water. The surrounding area with Skovshoved Havn, the old fishermen cottages, the sea side promenade; ‘Strandvejen’ or Charlottenlund Fortress all invite to strolls, for both shorter and longer walk.

And why not do a GPS-walk (Read more under “Give your meeting an energizing boost”)

Organisational development

Are the team facing challenges or changes?

We collaborate with the change agency, Workz who are specialised in change management, leadership development, learning, and the design of game-based tools for involvement and training.  We offer the card game; Key Issues™ that can be used for identifying the team’s challenges, oppurtunities and priorities.


Book an intriguing lecture at the hotel

Curator Natalia Gutman offers exciting lectures from and about the world of art.
Enjoy the lecture “Power, Money and Trends in art right now” – who are the most influential actors in the art world, by whom and why is art purchased for millions and what characterizes art today?

Or what about the lecture “When art and business meet” dealing with the world renowned Saatchi Gallery, investing in art and what happens when art and business meet.

Natalia Gutman also offers private guided tours of the State Museum of Art.