History and ownership
The story of Skovshoved Hotel goes back to 1660. For more than 350 years, Skovshoved
Inn and Hotel has been a venue for the local people (The ‘Skovsers’) and travelers from not
only Denmark, but all over the world. Of course, over the years, several incidents, traditions
and owners have been a part of the history. In 2003, the hotel was bought and carefully
renovated by Ivan Nadelmann and has since then been managed by his family.

Today you’ll meet Ivan’s daughter, Eva Nadelmann Haahr and daughter-in-law, Line Nadelmann as the
management team. Ivan Nadelmann is the former owner and managing director of Avis Denmark and Avis
Poland and still runs Avis Russia. With his life long experience as managing director and
owner of the above-mentioned car rental companies, Ivan Nadelmann has always had a
strong focus on the serving of guests. This characterizes Skovshoved Hotel from one end to
another, and his mantra from ‘We try harder’ to – ‘big enough to serve you – small enough
to know you’ is daily lived out by all employees at the hotel.