The old Inn with a long history

The rich cultural heritage of Skovshoved Hotel dates back to 1660, where locals and travelers alike have gathered for more than 350 years. Skovshoved Hotel is a significant cultural point of history for the municipality of Gentofte.

In 1723 the inn, as it was back then, was proclaimed as a prominent inn, where the King and his companions would stay in passing. In 1764 the inn burned down, but was rebuilt the year after – much larger and with its own stables and other additional buildings. The new and much nicer building stood in sharp contrast to the small fishermen houses, whose inhabitants were frequent guests in the pub.

Since then Skovshoved Hotel has housed many different activities besides being an Inn. For example, between 1852 and 1868 it was a postal office and in 1927 to 1937, the building was also the home of a cinema. Not until the 1890’s did the building change its appearance to what it is today and became a ‘badehotel’; a seaside hotel mainly attracting the finer society.

In the 1970’s the building was supposed to be demolished, which caused an outrage among the locals, and with the help of the locals and the municipality  the hotel was sanctioned and underwent a larger renovation and modernization. Hereafter Skovshoved Hotel housed one of Denmarks finest restaurants, with a Michelin-starred chef and traditional French cuisine. Today the building houses Skovshoved Hotel, Restaurant Skovshoved, and the neighbouring inn, Skovshoved Kro. As the saying goes ‘if only walls could talk…’ they would berate of many different stories of dinners, family gatherings, meetings and conferences, local chatter and songs of history.

After inspiration from Merete Henriksen from the Local History Achive in Gentofte