Focus on the environment and sustainability

At Skovshoved Hotel, our environment and sustainability are key and one of our main focus areas in the way we work. In May 2020 we were awarded as a Green Key hotel.

A Green Key certificate signifies multiple initiatives that underline our sustainable and green initiatives. This includes focus on organic products, the use of resources (e.g. water and electricity), the pre-sorting of waste, the used cleaning agents, and also more sustainable and organic offers and solutions for our guests. This includes chargers for electrical cars, rental of bicycles and organic products.

Our environmental and green policy

We comply with the Green Key’s criteria and standards

Skovshoved Hotel holds the Green Key certificate – the international environmental certification in the tourism industry.

Skovshoved Hotels Green policy:
We are committed to reduce our consumption including energy, water, plastic, and paper. We will be implementing saving systems and processes to the extent that is possible
We are committed to minimize and reduce our waste while also introducing a modern pre-sorting of garbage
We only use cleaning agents that affect the environment as little as possible and that live up to the Green Key standards
We are committed to use reusable materials to maximum extent
We are committed to reduce – and reuse when possible our waste
We inform our employees about how they can help and take care of the environment
We urge our suppliers to match our green initiatives
We follow the Green Key criteria at all times and work actively with the Green Key recommendations


Every step counts

We carry out on-going initiatives to live up to our own green policy. Some of the many initiatives that we have implemented since 2019 are listed below:

Water-saving showers in all rooms
Replacement of incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs on all rooms and common areas (where possible)
A new pre-sorting of the garbage has been established
100% organic products in our breakfast, while also minimizing food waste
A minimization of plastic packaging. This includes phasing out mini toiletries in plastic bottles to be replaced by refilling organic products
Installing new chargers for electrical cars
New collaboration agreements with local producers and suppliers
Organic and sustainable skin care products from the Danish brand, Yrolí, in all rooms
New procedures for printing and paper waste
Part of GATE 21 project; Bæredygtig Bundlinje 2.0. Gate 21 brings together municipalities, regions, businesses and knowledge and research institutions to develop and disseminate energy and resource-efficient solutions that promote green transition and growth.