Party arrangment material 2016

Get a quick view of the possibilites, when hosting a party at Skovshoved Hotel

Prices may vary.


Party Package

3 course menu
Wine menu ad libitum
Coffee ad libitum
Hard bar with beer, wine, water and liquor

DKK 1.195,-  per. person


If the opening time is extended after kl 03:00, there will be a extra fee of 3.000,- per hour + any drinks acquired.


Extras to a party package

Snacks DKK 45,- per. person
Extra course DKK 100,- per. person
Petit fours DKK 45,- per. person
Natmad” – Night food DKK 100,- per. person
Avec DKK 65,- per. person
Flowers in season colors DKK 300,- per. Bukay per. bord



from DKK 395,- per. person



Price: Adult DKK 295,- / children from the age of 4 to and with the age of 12 DKK 135,-


Memorial get-together buffet

 Sandwich with smoked salmon, sour cream and crispy salad
Sandwich with serrano ham, basil pesto and crispy salad
Coffee and tea ad libitum

 Price: Adult DKK 195,- / children from the age of 4 to and with the age of 12 DKK 85,-


Beverage buffet

Miscellaneous soda DKK 30, – pr. bottle
Beer DKK 35, –
Bottle White wine DKK 345, – per bottle
Bottle Red wine DKK 345, – per bottle



3 dishes. DKK 125 / 6 dishes. DKK 175 / 9 dishes. DKK 225


Room rates

Standard room, single use (a room without balcony/sea view) DKK 1.200,- including breakfast
(Normal price DKK 1.300,- excluding breakfast)

Standard room, double use (bed is measured to be 140 x 120 cm) DKK 1.400,- including breakfast
(normal price is DKK 1.500,- exlcuding breakfast)

 Superior double room (room with balcony and sea view) DKK 1.600,- including breakfast
(Normalprice DKK 1.700,- excluding breakfast)

Suite (room with balcony and sea view) DKK 2.500,- including breakfast
(Normalprice DKK 2950,- including breakfast)


The prices above are given for stays in relation to parties and arrangements at Skovshoved Hotel.
A environmental surcharge of DKK 45,- is added per night, per room.