Menu card for Restaurant Skovshoved Hotel



Olives in good olive oil 35,00 DKK
Crisp of root vegetables 35,00 DKK
Salted nuts 35,00 DKK
30 g. Baerii Caviar with crème fraiche, red onions and blinis 395,00 DKK
Jamón Ibérico 85,00 DKK
Charcuterie 95,00 DKK



Crudité with dip and malt 45,00 DKK
Grilled beef tenderloin, vegetables and ketchup 75,00 DKK
Pancakes with vanilla ice cream 65,00 DKK

As a menu 170,- per. child


 “Fine de Claire” oysters with sour cream, horseradish and Baerii caviar 150,00 DKK
Brown crab with smoked cheese, cucumber and dill 135,00 DKK
Cannelloni with lobster, herbs and sauce of lobster 145,00 DKK
Calamares “carbonara” with ventréche, parmesan and egg yolk 95,00 DKK
Seared scallops with mushrooms, malt and parsley 135,00 DKK
Fried zander with chanterelles, leeks and celeriac pure 135,00 DKK
Baked halibut with tomatoes, watercress and sauce beurre blanc 125,00 DKK
Grilled salmon, apples, cress, lime and crisp rye breed 95,00 DKK
Thin slices of foie gras with truffles, olive oil and parmesan 145,00 DKK
Roasted foie gras in a crisp batter with peaches, figs and red wine sauce 145,00 DKK
Roasted and confit of pigeon with variety of corn and plums 145,00 DKK
Confit of pork belly with sage, crushed potato, capers and chorizo 120,00 DKK
Fried sweetbread with lemon, thyme and baby spinach 120,00 DKK
Grilled beef tenderloin with caramelized onion pure, beets and pepper sauce 155,00 DKK
French cheeses with toasted rye bread and honey 120,00 DKK
Late summer berries with tarragon and caramel ice cream 85,00 DKK
White chocolate ganachewith blackberries, marshmallows and licorice ice cream 85,00 DKK
Blueberries with meringue, blueberry sorbet and vanilla ice cream 85,00 DKK
Warm chocolate cake with gianduja ice cream 85,00 DKK

All dishes are served in appetizer size – we recommend 3-5 courses