Lunch restaurant



Mixed olives in olive oil 35,00 DKK
Fried root vegetables with vinegar powder 35,00 DKK
Salted nuts 35,00 DKK
30 g. Baerii Caviar with crème fraiche, red onions and blinis 385,00 DKK
Jamón Ibérico 85,00 DKK
Charcuterie 95,00 DKK


3 courses menu – chefs choice
295 per person
Every Sunday and Monday at Restaurant Skovshoved Hotel
We offer a 3 course menu with 2 glasses of wine
 450 per person



Vegetable sticks with dip 45,00 DKK
Fried cockerel with french fries and ketchup 75,00 DKK
Pancakes with vanilla ice cream 65,00 DKK

All dishes are served in appetizer size – we recommend 1-3 dishes



Warm goat’s cheese in crispy pastry with lettuce and unripe peaches 85,00 DKK
Sautéed snails with cauliflower, beans and salted almonds 85,00 DKK
Steamed mussels in broth with cucumber and parsley 110,00 DKK
Salted sea scallops with green apples, dill oil, horseradish and tuile of rye bread 135,00 DKK
Lobster with Danish potatoes, watercress and smoked mayonnaise 155,00 DKK
Salmon tartar on butter fried croutons and crisp lettuce 120,00 DKK
Grilled brill with spring onions, tarragon, Jerusalem artichokes and sauce beurre blanc 145,00 DKK
Omelette of organic eggs with chives, bacon and cherry tomatoes 85,00 DKK
Roasted foie gras with peashes, figs and Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar 145,00 DKK
Terrine of corned pork shank with foie gras, artichokes, chervil and grated truffle 135,00 DKK
Chicken salad on croutons with apples, celery and bacon 85,00 DKK
Classic stirred tartar of beef on butter fried rye bread croutons and crisp lettuce 95,00 DKK
Slow Braised veal brisket with smoked marrow and tender pray 120,00 DKK
Roasted beef tenderloin on a crouton with mushrooms a la creme 110,00 DKK
Roasted Venison with summer vegetables, celery, liquorice and thyme sauce 155,00 DKK
European cheese with toasted rye bread and honey 110,00 DKK
Lemon tarte with organic lemons 85,00 DKK
Cold buttermilk soup with fresh raspberries and yoghurt sorbet 85,00 DKK
Ganache of white chocolate with blackberries, marshmallows and licorice ice cream 85,00 DKK
Warm chocolate cake with gianduia ice cream 85,00 DKK

All dishes are served in appetizer size – we recommend 3-5 courses