The Creative Challenge

The Creative Challenge is a mobile game, where the team needs to move around the area around of Skovshoved hotel and solve problems. The participants get a special phone that contain the game, and so you can talk together with the database that is controling your game. Read more about the exciting challenge to your collagues, co-workers and maybe friends here.

Boat trip in Øresund

Skovshoved Hotel work closely together with Danish Schooner Charter in Helsingør, with more than 50 boats. Our guests have the possibilites to host a meeting on the mainland, where after they can walk 100 meters to Skovshoved Hotel, where a lovely tree esc boat is at bay. The boat trip incldues fishing, sightseeing, lunch or dinner.

Prices are dependent on the amount of participants or the arrangement agreement. Contact us at or call us at 3963 0028 to pre-ask about an arrangement.

Picnic i dyrehaven

In good weather, Skovshoved Hotel can offer you a full day meeting with lunch in the deer park. The participants can bike to the deer park on some of the hotels electric bikes (6 bikes), where we will meet you by the big red gate and deliver the picnic baskets and blankets. The baskets include a lovely lunch, drinks and after agreement; coffee/tea and cake.
The baskets can be picked up at the hotel and the participants can bike back to the meeting after a lovely, relaxing time in the nature.
The jounrey can also be arranged in a horse carriage or by car