Have a conference in North Zealand, that is close to both nature and the city with Skovshoved Hotel

Conference in North Zealand, close to Copenhagen

At Skovshoved Hotel you can enjoy your conference in the natural surroundings, that North Zealand is known for, less than 11 km from the city center of Copenhagen. The surroundings and the historic hotel makes for an inspiring environment, perfect for learning and coming up with new ideas.

As a conference center Skovshoved Hotel has room for up to 180 people, with the possibility of a completely isolated conference room with a terrace.

Let us do the planning for your conference, in North Zealand

Skovshoved Hotel has several years of experience arranging big and small conferences. We know what is needed and the importance of careful planning, which means that we can help reduce the stress usually felt by organizers. Make a great conference with one of our package deals, or plan a special conference with the help of our highly qualified staff.

If you wish then our critically acclaimed restaurant can do the catering for your conference, in North Zealand.

Skovshoved hotel can offer all modern services for your party or conference. We have all the necessary technical appliances, with a variety of office supplies. When you need a break from everything, you can take a walk in our beautiful green surroundings to calm down.

Great experiences in Copenhagen after the conference

Why not treat your guests to an experience when they are in the Copenhagen area?

We have several pre planned team building activities for you to enjoy, as well as good relations with theaters and golf courses nearby.

Near Skovshoved Hotel you will also find Bakken – The worlds oldest amusement park and being close to both Copenhagen and North Zealand you are able to plan trips to the many other attractions in and near the capital city of Denmark.

Contact us, by Phone +45 3964 0069 or E-mail info@skovshovedhotel.com, immediately and hear about the opportunities to arrange your own personal conference in our beautiful surroundings.

It is also possible to use Skovshoved Hotel as a place for your meetings in Denmark.

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