Family stay

With a family stay at Skovshoved hotel you will have all that is needed for a perfect vacation full of experiences.

The stay can be booked in the weeks 7 and 8, from week 27 to 32 and the weeks 41 and 42.

We have everything needed close to the hotel. Two of the best beaches in Denmark, museums like Louisiana, Ordrup Gaard and Rungstedlund, Experimentarium, with plenty of fun in the vacation periods and Bakken/Dyrehaven is within walking distance. If you want to shop, visit Tivoli, Nyhavn with the channel tours or Copenhagen city it is only a short ride with the bus away. (The bus comes by every 20 minuttes).

Family stay at Skovshoved hotel costs 2155 DKK and includes:

2 adults & two children(children is from 4 to 12 years old, children younger than 4 yo stays for free)

  • 1 stay at a family room
  • 4 x morning buffets
  • 4 bicycles for a day (IMPORTANT remember to order in advance and mention the children’s age. Bring your own Bicycle helmets
  • 4 x “eating tickets” to use in our Bib Gourmand restaurant or krostuen. Can be used for lunch or dinner(value 150 DKK each ticket)

If you wish to adjust the offer, with more or less children, we will do what we can to accommodate your needs. Contact us by mail or phone +45 3964 0028

Extra nights can be ordered for 1555 DKK per family room and includes the room, environmental fee and morning buffet.

If you are traveling from Funen and Jutland we are able to offer round trip tickets for the bridge at a discount, just 375 DKK.