The Historic Hotels in Denmark

We are very happy to announce that we are a part of the Historic Hotels in Denmark. Skovshoved Hotel has been a part of the Historic Hotels since 2010, therefore also in the Historic Hotels in the whole of Europe.

The Historic Hotels in Denmark is a mark by their unquie history. You will be able to find authentically decorated frames, whether you choose to stay at a castle, romantic city hotel, an old ferry inn or a cozy seaside hotel.

Alle hotels are independent hotels but besides the history, the common goal is that you feel welcome. As the guest, you are always the center and we want to make sure that your stay is a memorable whole experience.

Good food is an important part of a meeting, party or even just a vacation. Therefore you can experience a high level Gastronomisk Niveau at all the Historic Hotels.

You will experience real and originalality at the Historic Hotels – a total experience, authenticity, quality and gastronomi is the focus.

We recommend, that you also visit the other Historic Hotels in Denmark:

Ballebro_lilleBallebro Færgekro is in Sønderborg

Kroens old main building is the frame for 11 light and harmonial rooms. The rooms are styled with the same atmosphere as the rest of the hotel, with old rusty furniture and private comfortable bathroom. There is a view over the lake from almost all the rooms – and there is also a possibility for a dip in the water, if you wish. With amazing food, polite service and one of Denmarks most beautiful views, this place is where you can be alone with your thoughts. There is also a possibility for celebrating your special days.

NBkro Niels Bugges Kro & Hotel in Viborg

In Hald Ege forest, idyllic and full of atmostphere, Niels Bugges Hotel lays in the middle of beech trees. In the midst of nature with just 14 rooms, Niels Bugge Hotel is a place where you will find an intimate and genuine atmosphere. The inn has over the years been maintained and carefully restored a place with a great history. Whatever the season, nature around Niels Bugge’s Inn is always a treat for the body and soul. Both the spring when the beech trees pops out and everything is turns green – as the autumn rolls around, the woods invite you for a healthy walk.


350x350Strandgaarden Hotel Strandgaarden is a beach hotel on Lesø

The beach hotel is the essence of all that is good in Lesø. Comfortable rooms in 275 year old building frames. The menu of the day is created from scratch with the best ingredidents. The white sandy beach is so close that you can hear the waves reach it, and you will suddenly get a feeling of calm and well-being. They also have a lot of other activites such as; golf, biking, horseback riding and kayaking.