Golf nearby Skovshoved Hotel

Loads of nostalgic, challenging, bold and beautyful designs in perfect harmony with incredible landscape scenarios. Beautyful calm lakes with, enchanting forrests and streams plus stretching fields and postcard farm houses.


These courses always have very high manicured standards on the teeboxes, the fairways, the bunkers, the greens and fringes and semi rough and finally, the dangerous North and Mid Sealand fullblooded all out rough. On top of that, the proshops, restaurants and cafees in these golf clubs, are all managed by very professional and forthcoming staff.



Ledreborg Palace Golf Club

A mere 30 minutes drive away from Skovshoved Hotel, you will find the only Sir Nick Faldo course design in all of Scandinavia. Ledreborg Palace Golf Club has excellent facilities and some remarkable settings with clubhouse, pro shop and restaurant all being captured inside the lovely estate of Ledreborg Palace.

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Nivå Golf Club

A truely lovely North Sealand golf course from 1995, situated aprox. 30km north of Copenhagen. Beautyful surroundings with exiting and cleverly designed 18 holes  –  all very stimulating and challenging. The practice grounds is formidable and Nivå actually has one of the best 9-holes par3 courses in Denmark. Restaurant and Proshop are both very close to the putting greens and the 1st tee, which in my book is a great advantage. Calm down your nerves with refreshment and get that puttingstroke in place before you tee it off.

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Kokkedal Golf Club

One of the nicest and most welcoming golf clubs in all of Denmark.

Its quite unique and has always attracted golfers from all of Europe.

Its simply a MUST PLAY golfcourse in Denmark. Its not long and not short, but it keeps you on your toes on every shot. The ever so popular and charming terrace at the clubhouse offers great views overlooking 18th green and the charming practice area, putting green, chipping and bunker.
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Royal Copenhagen Golf Club

Whats there so say about this incredibly beautyful golf club and golfcourse. Well, you never get tired from playing here, thats for sure. And there is always something new to be discovered and said and talked about after the round. Its really nothing short of a great and remarkable place. The oldest golf club in all of Scandinavia (from 1898), 1000-years old trees live here and roughly 2000 deers are runing around in and out of the woods, crossing the fairways and greens at random, thus making it a truley unforgettable day at The Royal Copenhagen Golf Club. Please, dont forget your camera.

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