Canapés for a reception

A succesful reception requires delicious food on the table

If you have ever been faced with making canapés, then you know how much longer it takes to make than you think, whilst being aware that the taste fit together. And also, make sure they fit the arrangements theme of food. When these things come together in a higher unity, then there will be a successful reception.

Skovshoved Hotel has large and exciting selection of canapés for any kind of celebrations

When contacting Skovshoved Hotel with a desire to get help for an arrangement you will find that you are not just an anonymous number in the series of receptions we deliver to. We always take care of each guests special request for their reception. That is why we repeatedly find that people come back to us when they have to arrange a new party. And we often hear from new guests that they remembered us when they tried food from another party.


Grilled toast with whipped salmon tartar and herbs

Grilled toast with smoked salmon, smoked cheese and cucumber

Rugbrødscrouton with Foie Gras terrine and quince compote

Crouton with serrano ham and pickled tomato

Spear with Manchego cheese pickled in olive oil

Croustade with blue cheese and walnuts

Spear with gambas and artichoke

Spanish salted almonds

Olivenmix of Spanish olives

Fried root vegetables with vinegar powder

Grilled bread with salted scallop and avocado

Croustades with caviar and sour cream

Mini Creme brulee

Petit Fours


3 dishes 95 DKK / 6 dishes 155 DKK / 9 dies. 195 DKK